What is Terror Town?

Terrortown is one of the largest haunts in Northwest Ohio. Our main haunt The house of the dead is larger than most multi haunts you will go through. Terror Town was voted The #1 haunt of 2008 by cityblood haunt reviews. Here is part of their review "Hollywood comes home at House of the Dead. The amount of impressive props and animatronics is down right startling and some animatronics you wont see anywhere else in Ohio." " House of the Dead is one of those haunts taht has you part of the experience once you wait in the cue line. And once you enter this haunt, your blown away." To read the full review go to ohioshaunted.com

The Hellevator will deliver you to a new floor of the house this year. All new twists and turns await you on your journey through one of the best haunts in Ohio. You will experience things in this attraction that you will not see anywhere else. Are you ready to take on the House of the dead.

Doom: One of the darkest words in the dictionary. Doom utilizes the absence of light to accentuate fear. At times visitors won’t be able to see their own hand in front of their face, so even light becomes a weapon. Visitors will attempt to twist and squeeze their way about a labyrinth of pure darkness. Only the bravest will survive.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old should my child be to go through?

All children are different, It really is up to the parent. If our
monsters see that a child is scared, they are instructed to leave them alone. We want this to be fun and scary for people of all ages.

2. I only made it part way through and had to be let out because I was scared. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, we are here to scare you and if you had to be let out we did that very well. There are no refunds once you purchase the ticket.

3. Are the tickets good any night?

Yes, any tickets purchased in this season are good any night we are open.

4. Will the monsters touch me?

No, the monsters do not touch.

5. Are you open rain or shine?

Yes, all of our attractions are inside and we have covered waiting.

6. Is it the same as last year?

No, we change the entire show every year.

7. Is it scary?

Yes, we think it is one of the top shows you will see.